Bud to Bloom

1 March – 17 April 2016  in The Guild at 51

An exhibition of Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen Members inspired by plant forms.UAP stickpins1

Uschi Arens Price –  Jewellery

For the Bud to Bloom exhibition Uschi is exploring the use of silver and soft materials. She has made stickpins from sterling silver wire and silver sheet, with cut, shaped and painted silk cocoons.

Adrian Bates – Ceramics

Adrian is showing stoneware vessels and sculptures based on plant and animal forms. He is particularly interested in the way forms grow and develop and the relationship between inner and outer form – where they meet and transform one into the other.

Mike Bigland – MetalworkButterfly-on-Allium

Mike is showing a collection of stainless Steel “plant forms”. These explore the essential elements of form and structure and do not seek to replicate the natural world but interpret it, through modern materials and joining processes. 

Tim Blades – Jewellery

Tim has gone back to redevelop some experimental work he did in the 1980’s to make silver rings and pendants with stylized flower forms. The designs are based on a few simple brass shapes dipped in wax and combined to make dramatic pieces.

Moira Buckley – Jewellery

Moira’s collection of jewellery is inspired by the Blackthorn, with its exquisite delicate blossom, beautifully contrasting with its painfully sharp thorns.

Francesca Chalk – Textilesfran-seaweed5wd

Francesca has been inspired by seaweed. She has tried to recreate its impact by working at the actual scale of the specimens and has found that stencilling the colours is the best way to represent the textures and subtle colouring. This also means that each piece is unique.

Alison Dupernex – Textiles

Alison is showing a collection of knitted bags in Donegal and Shetland wool and silk, lined with Harris tweed.

Susan Early – Willow Work

Susan will be showing a collection of willow/hedgerow pods and bird feeders.

The firmly woven pod represents the tight bud holding the secret before it fully blooms.

Cate Fox – Textile Artist

The inspiration for these pictures by Cate, comes from a combination of sources including religious Icons and Medieval flower paintings. The combination of a stylised plant design in carefully chosen fabrics combined with a mirrored glass and silk thread background is an attempt to replicate the contemplative stillness of these earlier wonderous art forms.

Liz Harding – Textile Artistdandelion1

The Ephemeral Nature of Dandelions is a double sided hanging made with painted, dyed and stitched cotton organdie makes reference to hundreds of dandelions in the field; one day bright yellow, the next seed heads are white and overnight they are gone with the wind. The transparent nature of the fabric suggests the transient nature of the flower heads.

Fionna Hesketh – Jewellery

Scabious Atropurpurea a drawn record, observed from seed; to flower; to husk. Fionna uses wet industrial vitreous enamel on copper, using 3” panels as her canvas. She then draws directly into the enamel before it is fired.

Annie Hewett – Ceramics

Annie has made two engraved cobalt bowls lettered with lines from Vita Sackville-West’s ‘The Garden’. These lines evoke the breaking of Spring and the re-emergence of the garden after Winter’. Her customary use of leaf and plant references support the words as an integral part of her design.

Loco Glass – Glassimage1

Colin and Louise Hawkins have produced a group of five new bowls for Bud to Bloom. These pieces are inspired by the colours and forms of spring flowers. Each has been hand blown by Colin and then the surfaces worked on by Louise who uses drawing, hand cutting and etching methods to produce the designs.

Jan McMillan – Textiles

Jan is showing a collection of exhuberant hand knitted flower cushions.

Anna Newton – Prints & Textiles

Anna has made a group of velvet cushions and embossed greeting cards. These are inspired by wild plants, seeds and seed heads and rely on the use of just two colours.

Harriet St Leger – Jewellery

Harriet is continuing with her colourful palette in this latest collection. Her bold stylised designs take the work in a P1090602different direction, this time using semi precious stones to depict flower, buds and leaves. There are rings, necklaces and earrings and each piece features a colourful array of gems.

Fiona Valentine – Furniture

Fiona is showing a group of carved relief panels. Snowdrops are such a herald of potential, early in the year. When they do arrive in the garden, Fiona picks and draws and carves them in great excitement, wanting them to last forever.



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