Two Make Exhibition

Two Make Exhibition

Two Make explores the process of collaboration, following the journey of ten pairs of crafts practitioners as they work together.

Their shared creative journeys are plotted by their drawings, photographs, recorded conversations, samples and maquettes.

Working together is often celebrated: through shared endeavours we achieve more than we are individually capable. Setting out on a collaborative path, however, is often also hard work: listening, learning, working through problems, encountering risk, and exploring uncertainty are all challenges that emerge when you work together on a new project.

Two Make explores this journey: creatively and emotionally, through the materials and words of the makers who responded to the invitation to create a new collaboration for the exhibition. Each pair of makers reveals the varied dimensions of what might be can be achieved through a process of collaboration. Some celebrate bonds of friendship, others ful l a long-held dream, others use the opportunity to do something out of their normal practice.Technical samples and experiments sit alongside prototypes and nished work.

Two Make follows the process of creative collaboration. Each pair of makers worked together through a six month period to explore ideas, experiment and to nd out what might happen when they worked together. There were no xed outcomes or expectations for the makers, the exhibition is about the journey and experience of their working together. Each pair started with a hunch of what they might like to do, but working together resulted in unexpected outcomes, unforeseen challenges and end points that reveal the varied ways in which collaboration works.

The collaborative partnerships are diverse, ranging from life-long friends who live in different parts of the country, makers working together for the rst time, and makers who wanted to explore new skills, or work with different materials.