A major selling exhibition of contemporary craft featuring 50 respected makers from the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen within Rodmarton Manor and the gardens. It will also include work by internationally acclaimed guest exhibitors.

Exhibitors in the house

Adrian Bates - Ceramics

Sarah Beadsmoore - Textiles

Jenny Bicât - Textiles

Mike Bigland - Jewellery

Tim Blades - Jewellery

Sue Bradley - Textiles

Francesca Chalk - Textiles

Kathryn Clarke - Textiles

Sally Davies - Jewellery

Elaine Day - Jewellery

Alison Dupernex - Textiles

Susan Early- Basketry

Cate Fox - Textile Art

Fionna Hesketh - Jewellery

Annie Hewett – Ceramics

Corinne Hockley - Textiles

Graham Ikin - Furniture

Anne James – Ceramics

Jessie James - Textiles

Ursula Jeakins - Bookbinding

Liz Lippiatt - Textiles

Loco Glass - Glass

MacGregor and Michael - Leather

Toff Milway - Ceramics

Andy Moore – Calligraphy

Beryl Morgans - Glass

Cleo Mussi - Ceramics/mosaic

Anna Newton - Textiles

Chris Noble - Printmaking

Bella Peralta - Textiles

Kristian Pettifor - Furniture

Louise Pocock - Millinery

Sarah Pulvertaft - Jewellery

Annie Rie – Glass

William Robson - Glass

Anne Rogers - Textiles

Janine Roper - Ceramics

Harriet St Leger - Jewellery

Celestino Valenti - Wirework

Liz Valenti - Paper

Fiona Valentine – Woodcarving

Alan Vallis - Jewellery

Louise Watson - Textile Art

Emily-Kriste Wilcox – Ceramics

Bridget Williams – Ceramics

Nigel Williams - Sculpture

Rhian Wyman – Textiles

Alistair Young – Ceramics

Exhibitors in the garden

Adrian Bates - Ceramics

Mike Bigland - Metalwork

Kathryn Clarke - Textiles

Susan Early - Basketry

Corinne Hockley - Textiles

Loco Glass - Glass

Beryl Morgans – Glass

William Robson - Glass

Celestino Valenti - Wirework

Guest Exhibitors in the Chapel

Matthew Harris - Textile artist

Matthew Harris makes work in both paper and cloth, employing painting, cutting and hand stitching. Working primarily from things seen, the imagery is pieced, patched, assembled, and re-assembled using improvisatory processes, designed to facilitate the interpretation and exploration of imagery around a given theme. Matthew will be showing a collection from 'Field Notes’. He will also be giving a talk.


The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen has invited LOT to create a new piece of work for Crafts Alive.This piece will be shown as part of an installation of their existing collection, responding to the theme, ‘The Lie of the Land’.

LOT is a collaborative project between three makers: Sarah Pulvertaft, Jed Green (jewellery) and Beatrice Mayfield (embroidery), formed in 2018.Their work as individual makers is connected through the importance of materials, use of colour and an interest in pattern, texture and movement. Between them they use a diverse range of materials: precious and non-precious; resistant and non-resistant; the uncommon and the everyday. They transform these into beautifully crafted, unique pieces. 

Jed Green - Jewellery

Beatrice Mayfield - Embroidery

Sarah Pulvertaft - Jewellery


Rodmarton Manor
Oathill Lane

Dates & Times

Date: 8 - 12 September 2021
Time: 10am - 5pm daily