Guidance Notes

The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen welcomes applications from both traditional and innovative makers whose work is of a high standard. The Guild is an association of professional craftspeople who earn or, if just starting their professional career, intend to earn, a substantial part of their income from their craft.

The Guild exists to encourage makers to show their work to a discerning audience and to sell high quality crafts to further their career. Whether you have recently finished a college course or have been making for many years, and are looking for a new approach at a different level, the Guild is here to be supportive and offer an outlet.

The Guild has a long tradition of selling fine crafts and if you are not sure if what you do is suitable please have a look at the work on the website and decide if your own work would be of a standard to match existing members. You are very welcome to contact our Membership Secretary, Fionna Hesketh to discuss any queries you may have about your application, we are here to encourage after all.

The selection committee likes to see a consistent body of current work, you do not have to show everything you can do but a mixture of styles can give a muddled impression. Please bear in mind that the major part of a piece must be made by you. Your work may well change over time but a radical departure from the work that the selection committee was originally shown will require further approval. If what you make is large or heavy, ie stonemasonry or ironwork we do have regular shows through the year with much more space than The Guild at 51, in Cheltenham

If you are accepted you will be an Associate Member for two years at which point you will be reassessed for full membership. The majority of the work involved in running the Guild is done by its members on a voluntary basis and you will be expected to contribute where you can.

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to most of the following questions, please carry on to complete and return the on-line application form. All the information you give will be treated as confidential. Please give full and considered answers to the questions. This will be a useful starting point if the committee wishes to invite you to the next stage, an informal interview when you can bring along a selection of your work and have an opportunity to discuss the requirements of Guild membership.

  1. Do you earn your living, or intend to earn your living, by your craft either partly or wholly?
  2. Does your work demonstrate a high standard of making?
  3. Are your designs well considered and appropriate?
  4. Does your work demonstrate innovation?
  5. Do you keep a photographic record of your work?
  6. Do you have a portfolio suitable for presentation at an interview?
  7.  Can you supply work for The Guild at 51, the Guild’s shop/gallery in Cheltenham?
  8. The Guild hold at least two major exhibitions per year. We expect that members will endeavour to support these exhibitions. Could you participate in at least one exhibition per year?
  9. Participating does not simply mean submitting work for sale. The Guild is very much a self-help organisation and erects/dismantles/stewards and publicises its own exhibitions. This means a commitment of several full working days per exhibition per member. Do you feel able to commit yourself to this amount of time? If you choose to sell in The Guild at 51 there will be a time commitment of several days over the year to assist with stewarding.
  10. Do you understand that when stewarding at exhibitions and in The Guild at 51, you will be required to sell the work of other members as well as your own?
  11. Do you at present exhibit and sell regularly at Craft Exhibitions, Galleries, and Craft shops or through your own workshop or retail premises?

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