Guidance Notes

Guidance notes for enquiring applicants

The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen is an association of professional craftspeople. It welcomes applications from both traditional and innovative makers whose work is of a high standard.

The Guild exists to encourage makers to show their work to a discerning audience and to sell high quality crafts to further their career.

The Guild has a long tradition of selling fine crafts. The work by current members, which can be seen on our website and in The Guild at 51 in Cheltenham, is an indication of the standard of work expected from members.

The Selection Panel are looking for a consistent, coherent body of work with a high level of craft skill, and a creative voice that demonstrates imaginative, sensitive and appropriate use of materials. All work must be made by the maker applying.

The Guild positively encourages experimentation and exploration of ideas and materials, and expects its members to be continually developing their work. However if a member’s work makes a radical departure from that originally shown to the selection panel then the approval of the selection panel would be needed before this new work could be offered for sale with the Guild.

If you are accepted you will be an Associate Member for two years at which point you will be reassessed for full membership and approval sought and voted on by the whole Guild membership. New associates must take part in at least one exhibition each year and can show their work in the Guild at 51 in the second year of their associate membership, if they wish to.

The majority of the work required to run the Guild is done by its members on a voluntary basis, this is a requirement of membership.

You are welcome to contact our Membership Secretary, Cate Fox to discuss any queries you may have.

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to most of the following questions, please carry on, complete and return the on-line application form.

You will need to have good quality digital images in a jpeg format.

There will be an administration fee of £25 per applicant

All information you give will be treated as confidential. Please give full and considered answers to the questions. The Selection Panel view and consider applications and invite applicants they wish to interview.

If you are chosen for interview, you will need to have available and bring with you a selection of your work from the last two years.

  • Does your work demonstrate a high technical level of crafts skills throughout?
  • Does your work demonstrate a cohesive, diverse and innovative body of work that you have made in the last two years?
  • Does your work demonstrate imaginative, sensitive and appropriate use of materials?
  • Does your work have a ‘creative voice’; does it have your individual design input?
  • What do YOU hope to get out of the Guild? You will need to provide a short written statement
  • Do you keep an up-to-date digital photographic record of your work?
  • Do you have time to steward in The Guild at 51, typically 6 days per year?
  • Can you help set-up and steward at least one Guild exhibition per year?

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