Makers in Focus -Jilly Edwards & Theo Wright

September 15th – November 1st.

Presented by SITselect in collaboration with the Guild at 51.

Presenting work from two designer makers who approach weaving in diverse ways.

Theo Wright hand weaves with mathematical precision. For sale are a collection of scarves. Tapestry artist, Jilly Edwards, well known for her beautifully crafted tapestries evoking journeys and landscape has made a collection of special edition tapestry brooches for sale. The brooches are woven using fine cotton warp and wool, fine cotton, linen and cotton yarns. Metal part is powder coated copper and made by Tracey Falvey in collaboration with Jilly Edwards. The tapestry is sewn onto a piece of felt and placed into the metal frame and can be removed easily by just pushing the tapestry from the back.

Makers in Focus links to the Select Showcase at Cheltenham Town Hall – 23 – 25 October – where Jilly and Theo are appearing