I was drawn from an early age to calligraphic forms – particularly how the outer and inner curves of letterforms relate to, and interact with each other to give grace to the overall figure. Later I came to understand that these relationships exist everywhere. My ceramics carry this interest forward. The walls of the vessels I make – defining inner and outer space – correlate to the body of letterforms – and the serif-like way in which many of my vessels terminate at lip or spout.
I am also influenced by primal forms contained inside other 'vessels' – human, plant and animal – all containing life and defined by their interaction with nature.
In these ways my work connects, not so much with a place, as a culture – our relationships with nature and each other…
I make a range of high-fired stoneware ceramics for home and garden, and all are robust, frost-resistant and waterproof.
My work is available from my studio (visitors welcome but please phone ahead if you’re planning a visit) and the Guild shop

Contact Details

39 Bowbridge Lane
Gloucestershire GL5