Professionally I have been a printmaker since 1976 initially using screenprint process but using digital inkjet since 2001.

In the past my subject matter was involved with aspects of the landscape and man’s relation to it. Thematically I have been concerned with capturing fleeting moments, growth, change and tension within the landscape. The work has moved towards the inclusion of the human figure and increasingly towards complex abstract images.

I use combinations of drawing, painting, photography and computer generated imagery, allowing rapid development of imagery to maintain the constant flow of ideas. I’ve always employed ‘collage’ techniques which come with ease on a computer. Motifs reappear and are gradually transformed, so one can trace the evolving development over a long sequence.

Recent work investigates complex overlaying patterns which reveal layer upon layer, partly erasing what went before – a palimpsest.

Contact Details

95 Ryelands Street

Tel: 01432 270 852