Since 1975 my work has evolved from, but still includes, a mixture of domestic woodware such as salad bowls, platters, scoops, architectural work, and small gift items.

Repetition here is the key that has honed hand/eye co-ordination, developing techniques and skills necessary, enabling the progression to “one of a kind” pieces that are sought after by collectors and galleries.

Strong uncluttered forms along with an awareness and respect for the integrity of the timber is paramount. However, I feel that some of the less exciting timbers can sometimes be enhanced by the sympathetic use of colour, texture and carving.

Woodturning Courses for beginners/improvers are much in demand. This leaves me less time for making, but gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction and the opportunity to pass on my methods and traditional skills. Courses can also be structured to individual requirements at intermediate/ advanced level if requested.

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Cornwall EX23 9SR