Selected Craft : Ceramics

Emily-Kriste Wilcox | Ceramicist

These handbuilt ceramic pieces focus on surface decoration, collage and juxtaposition; where the vessel is a starting point for exploration of shape, and an interest in the sense of repair and assemblage has informed my method of construction over several years.
The shapes in the collection continue to evolve, building on what came before and reaching for a pleasing sense of aesthetic and balance.

Layers of decorating slips are applied in a painterly manner to build up the surface and create a depth that holds similarities to misty skies, or walks across the hills, which in turn allows the vessels to create a sense of place. Often these pieces can evoke memories of a walk or a view across the sea adding to the notion of interpreting landscape.

And so, each piece is an interpretation of an earlier impression or experience. A painting in clay.

Contact Details

Studio 5 - Arthouse, 80-82 Floodgate Street, Digbeth, Birmingham

B5 5SR

Tel: 07763 400 527


  • Craft & Design Selected Silver Award 2012 (ceramics category)