Liz Harding

Liz Harding paints and stitches on cloth. Most of her work is wall based whether framed or free hanging. Current practice quite often uses the semi transparent qualities of cotton organdie with which she has also made pieces intended to shown outdoors.

Every piece is different and individually created whether it be a large hanging or small handmade card.
Inspiration is mostly taken from landscape using forms and colours seen whilst walking, with sketchbook to hand, as a starting point. Pieces usually begin with painting of the main areas of colour. Stitching with the sewing machine and bold rhythmic hand stitching will be added. Fabrics may be added, stitched areas painted and further stitch added until the desired impression is achieved.

Work is held in collections in this country as well as Europe, Australia and U.S.A.

Contact Details

27 Down Ampney
Gloucestershire GL7 5QS

Tel: 01793 751 249