Selected Craft : Glass

Rowan McOnegal | Glass Artist

I was born in Scotland and trained in Fine Art (Painting) at Bath Academy of Art, where I also studied printmaking and photography. My stained glass work is often inspired by a dialogue with nature - a love of nature, as well as art and light, have come together in a passion stained glass : I feel this medium perfectly combines my image making using drawing, painting and colour and changing light.
I am very happy to discuss public or private commissions, either to fit specific windows/apertures or free hanging panels. I also have a range of free hanging panels for sale. I love to work with clients to make special pieces that reflect their own lives, incorporating their personal iconography in my own distinctive style. I hope that my work nurtures the contemplative spirit, enriches people's environments and encourages creative expression - in domestic, public or sacred spaces.

Contact Details

Castle Orchard, Putley, Ledbury, Hereford


Tel: 01531 670075