Selected Craft : Textiles

Tim Parry-Williams | Handwoven Textiles

I studied at Farnham, long recognised for its unique approach to textile education. The holistic, craft-based training experienced both there and later as a student in Okinawa, has continued to guide my work as a weaver and beyond. I like to take time to explore, observing and reinventing, until the cloth tells me when it’s ready and what it’s for.

My chief interests are in materials, exploring yarn properties and woven structures through experimentation and colour application. Work usually reflects cycles of historical, contextual or visual research and inspiration is mostly found in the natural or manmade world but might be just the colour of a shadow, texture of a wall, or the ‘hand’ of an antique bed cover.

My studio ‘product’ work is about making distinctive, functional and collectable items expressed through seasonal ranges of luxury scarves and wraps for fashion accessory and fine linen hand-towels for the home.

Contact Details

33 Peghouse Close, Uplands, Stroud Gloucestershire.


Tel: 01453 751335


  • University of Dundee, 'PPFCP: Craft Research Commission' (2008-9)
  • The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (2009/2006)
  • Theo Moorman Charitable Trust for Weavers (2008)
  • 2 'Superior Works' awards, Japan Folk Craft Museum Craft Awards (2006)