Join The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen

Temporary Suspension of Applications

The Gloucestershire Guild is always pleased to receive enquiries and applications from makers. However while we are unable to meet you in person, and crucially see your work, we are temporarily suspending our application process. We are sure this will be for a short time only, but should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cate Fox – Membership Secretary


The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen welcomes applications from professional designer-makers. Our Members section shows the range of work Guild member currently make. Membership benefits include:

  • the opportunity to sell work through the Guild Gallery Shop, located within Chapel Arts, Knapp Road, after 12 months
  • the chance to take part in at least two exhibitions/shows a year held at different venues
  • the opportunity to run workshops for the public & other members
  • the chance to demonstrate their craft discipline
  • a dedicated page with images on our website
  • press releases and promotions from time to time, which connect with local & national media

Members are encouraged to play an active part in the Guild and we organise occasional social events to foster that community spirit. Membership is by selection. Successful applicants are initially taken on as associate members, usually for two years, before they have the opportunity to become full members.

Current fees:

  • Associate membership £130.00
  • Full membership £150.00

The deadline dates for submitting applications are 14 February, 14 September.

Interview dates will be arranged by the Membership Secretary, Cate Fox.

Please read the ‘Guidance Notes’ before filling in the application form. Thank you.