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Colin Gerard

Colin Gerard

Colin works with porcelain clays and uses the potters wheel as his principle method of making. The finished work is fired to 1280 degrees centigrade, in a gas-fired kiln for blue/green celadon glazes or an electric kiln for yellow glazes. Opening the still warm kiln remains the exciting culmination of the process – gems or seconds?

He has always admired the quiet beauty of early Chinese pots, particularly those of the Song dynasty and this influences his forms and choice of glazes. Colin was involved with the making of the two Guild films ‘Made for You’ in which a total of twelve makers talk about the nature and relevance of craft based work in the 21st Century.

In addition to being a maker, Colin has spent many years in education, enabling others to use and enjoy clay.

Contact Details

Address: Northfields Old Bristol Road Nailsworth Gloucestershire GL6 0LJ

Telephone: 01453 833879