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John Jacques

John Jacques

I have a design and architectural background but I've spent many years learning practical making skills to be able to explore my designs and create what I imagine. I have a passion for well conceived and crafted fine furniture and believe that the enjoyment I get out of a design will be evident in the piece itself.

I have worked with carpenters and furniture makers in Tamil Nadu, India, in the United Kingdom and America and with a German furniture maker.

I completed a three year fine furniture making programme with distinction.

I'm a student and qualified teacher of Aikido ('Way Of Harmonious Spirit'). The method of control through working harmoniously with forms and nature has informed my approach to design and making.

My furniture is designed to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of wood. I see it as nature's art to be framed in a functional item. Wood itself is a beautiful natural material in a highly usable and functional form.

Contact Details

Address: Nettleton Wiltshire

Telephone: 07919 666 930