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Passport/Card holder in 1786 ‘Russia Hide’ (MAM177)

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Passport/Card holder in 1786 ‘Russia Hide’ by MacGregor and Michael

Dimensions - 10 x 14 cm

This passport/card holder has been made from 'Russia' leather recovered from the Metta Catharina. Hand stitched in linen with goatskin lining. Passport and cards pockets.

On the 10th December 1786, the Danish Brigantine Metta Catharina laden with hemp and “Russia” leather was dashed against the rocks of Drakes Island in Plymouth Sound and sank. In 1973, divers located the wreck 30m down on the seabed. Littered around it were bundles of hides. Subsequent research confirmed that this leather, remarkably preserved in the cold black mud, tanned traditionally with willow bark and curried with birch oil, had survived due to the expertise of the St Petersburg tanners. The unique grain pattern and distinctive aroma of this beautiful leather can be appreciated and experienced 200 years after it was made.