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In the Maker's Hands - Beryl Morgans

In the Maker's Hands - Beryl Morgans

As part of our recent show Crafts Alive - In the Maker’s Hands at Rodmarton Manor we asked makers to share their favourite tools with us.

Beryl Morgans, a glass artist from Hereford, tells us about hers and why it is special to her.

My favourite tool is a glass cutter, a tool that’s been used by glass makers since
the 14th century.

I started working with stained glass, and more recently kiln formed glass.

My glass cutter may be a little bruised and battered now but to me it has a real
connection to the past - a familiar friend.

I love the sound when I score the glass and the ‘snap’ of the glass. There’s a moment of trepidation as the glass breaks hopefully revealing the design that has been scored.

Find out more about Beryl's practice here.



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