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In the Maker's Hands - Kristian Pettifor

In the Maker's Hands - Kristian Pettifor

As part of our recent show Crafts Alive - In the Maker’s Hands at Rodmarton Manor  our makers were asked to share their favourite tools with us.

Kristian Pettifor, a furniture designer maker in the Cotswolds, to tell us about his favourite and why it is special to him.

It's an old 151 spokeshave customised to take a modern hybrid steel blade.

The exploration of light, shadow and texture have become key elements in my work. I rely on a customised spokeshave to fine tune a form and in turn bring an
object to life.
Every part of the process of using this hand tool provides me with great contentment, from the concentration of sharpening a convex blade to the
sensory feeling of creating a fine flowing line.

Find out more about Kristian's practice here

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