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Maker in Focus - Alison Dupernex

Maker in Focus - Alison Dupernex

Alison Dupernex designs and makes knitted textiles. She says her aim is to make a work of art to wear, with the choice of colour and yarn texture being vital components to gaining this result.

“I am continually searching out small select quantities of natural yarns from individual merchants in the UK, Italy and Japan. I mix cashmere, Donegal wool, linen, cotton and silk in an alchemy of colour and texture to provide a unique experience in every piece.

My work is sold throughout the UK in small and unique galleries and shops and a selection of scarves can be found at the V&A Shop.

I always have in mind that when any knitted fabric is worn the wearer enters into a sensual environment of touch, feel and colour which can inspire contemplation, joy, comfort, and warmth. Instantly the wearer is interacting with the piece of art.

My current range includes fine cashmere and silk jackets, coats and scarves, all of which are timeless design classics with a contemporary feel. The scarf collection has been extended to include over 50 different designs and colour ways.

My inspirations and motivations derive from the colours and textures I see around me in nature. For me there is an endless fascination that can be gained from exploring how different colours react when juxtaposed with others. Shades overlap other shades to varying degrees and the changing conditions of light when the clothes are worn also greatly affect the way in which the colours are perceived by the viewer.

I have written several books to encourage all ages to take up knitting and most recently Machine Knitting Designing With Colour which covers my life’s practice and how I design, make and retail my fabrics -

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