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Maker in Focus - Nigel Calvert

Maker in Focus - Nigel Calvert

Nigel Calvert is a glass artist. He concentrates on colours and how they mix to create designs in the glass as well as enhancing shape. Nigel’s pieces are planned carefully but with glass you have to take what you get at the fire and work with it quickly. The glass has a form of its own. Each piece is unique and Nigel says it is important to him that they are all vessels that will hold fluids or goods they are different in form or shape including platters, jugs, bowls, hanging pieces and vases.

We caught up with Nigel to find out more about his practice…

What inspires your glass work?

I love glass; the colour, tactile fluidness and the heat when working

How long have you been working with glass and how did you get into it? 

I have been working glass for 30 years. I saw a demonstration and was hooked. I became a student and just carried on. I love glass both from the transparency and the reflective perspective and I use both in my work.

How do you choose the colours in your pieces?

Colours are difficult as they change in the process and in the manufacture. I treasure good colours for me and keep the leftovers for special pieces.

Is the functionality important in your work?

I like vessels as they have a human attribute and a usefulness. So I make plates, jugs, vases, and bowls but I do make purely sculptural pieces as well

What is your newest make?

I made a series of platters this year using a different method of introducing colour. I’m really excited by the figurative forms that have come through naturally. Like flowers and animals.

What does being part of The Guild mean to you?

It’s a collective recognition of all our endeavours

What is on your wish list from The Guild shop?

The wood work at the shop by Graham Ilkin is wonderful!

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