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Potter Colin Gerard in front of shelves of pots in his studio 2024

Sharing Memories of Colin Gerard

It is with great sadness that we share with colleagues and friends the death of Colin Gerard in early May.

Colin was a valued and respected member of the Guild, joining as a potter in 1974 and going on to serve as both Secretary and Chair.

As a potter, Colin worked in porcelain clays and used the potter’s wheel as his principal method of making. He admired the quiet beauty of early Chinese pots, particularly those of the Song dynasty and this influenced his forms and choice of glazes.

In addition to being a maker, Colin spent many years in education, enabling others to use and enjoy clay and published books on his subject.

Members of the Guild shared some of their memories of Colin with us.

 'Neil and I first met Colin when he approached us about applying to join the Guild in the early 1980"s. Being members of the breakaway group, the Craftsmen of Gloucestershire, we were impressed by Colin and decided to 'give it a go' and apply! I first joined the committee in the early 1990's, Colin was Guild Secretary and continued in this role under the Chairmanship of Tony Newman, Tony Davies and Val Wiggins finally becoming Guild Chairman himself.

In 2005/6 Colin and I masterminded the 2 Guild films 'Made for You' 1 & 2, taking it in turns to accompany the film maker, Steve Hilliker, to the workshops of those members to be filmed in their natural habitats.

Colin was always good company and kind, he would enthusiastically embrace new initiatives and it was evident that his love for the Guild and its members guided his involvement over the years.

He was of course a wonderful potter and we treasure the yellow teapot he gave us when the new shop opened in Cheltenham. Colin joined the ' Guild of Gloucestershire Craftsmen' in 1974.  He will be remembered as a fine craftsman and a lovely man and will be missed by all who knew him'  Val Michael and Neil MacGregor'


 'I have known Colin for a very long time in the Guild and through teaching at the college.  He was good teacher, an excellent organizer, a fine maker and for me a very much valued friend.  I will miss his friend ship, support and his amazing memory for anecdotes about people and events always entertaining.'  Anne James


 'I knew Colin as a colleague in the Guild, but probably got to know him better when he was my boss as head of the Stroud School of Art. He was very good at keeping ‘doors open’ to facilitate learning the Arts and Crafts. He was good a keeping things in perspective, he kept an eye on the ‘bigger picture’ when the politics around delivering Further Education became tricky to navigate.

The best advice he gave me was to make sure that along with covering all the necessary prescriptive criteria (and paperwork), teach the students what YOU think they should know. Which was very grounding advice at the time.

Colin’s moral-code was impeccable, probably a reflection of his Quakerism. I often turned to Colin during my times as Guild membership secretary for advice in tricky situations, he was always happy to help.

I shall miss him.'  Fionna Hesketh


 'I’m so sorry to hear the news about Colin who was such a lovely man and a talented and generous maker of sublimely beautiful and instantly recognisable ceramics. The last time we met at the Guild’s 90th anniversary exhibition in Stroud, we talked about his work and as always he took time to answer my questions, on this occasion about the making of his wonderful teapots.

I will miss seeing and chatting with him at Guild dos and send my sincere condolences to his family.'  Sarah Pulvertaft


 'Last year Colin made the effort to visit me at a show in Nailsworth and I was very touched, as we had only met a couple of times before. Colin's kindness and his curiosity has stayed with me.

I also have a favourite vase by Colin. It is perfectly weighted, elegantly shaped, and subtly glazed and even my imperfect garden blooms look beautiful in it. I think of him whenever I use it.'  Su Trindle


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