Helen Newman

Picasso called art the "Divine Play". After two years at Cambridge School of Art and two more years at Goldsmiths followed by a short period of teaching, I have been fortunate enough to make an income out of "playing". My strengths are in design and having a multitude of ideas. Alas, I will never have enough time to exploit them all!

In order to pay for my "play" I have learned to design in an "economic" way; simplicity is important coupled with proportionate attention to detail, whether I am painting or, as in my association with the Guild, working with various forms of metal.

Due to parental connections I spent much of my childhood in the British Museum where the many beautiful objects had a lasting influence on my attitude to life and art. I love to experiment with different materials and techniques and where metalwork is concerned I am largely self-taught.


Brass stage jewellery for the actor Una Stubbs

An Episcopal ring

A silver chain and badge of office for Stroud District Council

NFWI badge of office in silver and gold

NFWI wedding gift to HRH Prince Charles and Princess Diana

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Tel: 01242 245215
Email: shop@guildcrafts.org.uk