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Anna Newton

Anna Newton

My background is in graphic design and computer animation. I love experimenting with different forms of printing. Hence, my work spans from hand embossed and printed greeting cards to digitally printed silk and wool.

I am drawn to strong colours and minimal designs, often using sketching from nature or lino cuts as starting points for my textiles. Some designs, before being digitally printed, start as watercolours, and elements of these are sometimes used to create a repeat pattern with a strong graphic feel. I like to coordinate cushion collections through specific palettes of colour rather than by a style of design.

My paper based designs uniquely combine flat colours and embossing. They stand out for their simplicity, semi abstract feel and restrained use of colour. I aim to achieve a contemporary impression, which builds on traditional techniques and motifs.

Contact Details

Address: Home Farm Cottage Teddington Gloucestershire GL20 8JA

Telephone: 07761 240023


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