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Anne Rogers

Anne Rogers

My work explores the versatility of felt as a medium through colour and texture, blending different shades of fleece with wisps of silk, linen and metallic threads to create a new unique fabric with a rich depth of colour. I combine merino wool with the finest natural woven fabrics, making use of the unique felting and shrinkage properties of wool to create new textiles with exciting textures. As a mathematician I have a keen eye for detail and work with precision to create strong yet fine felts with a fluidity ideally suited to wearables, designing and cutting my own patterns using forms that show the nuno-felt fabrics which I create to best effect.

My current collection includes a unique range of fine nuno-felted seamless tops and jackets, textured silk chiffon and merino scarves, delicate couture lampshades, a range of day and evening bags and elegant corsages.

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