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Bella Peralta

Bella Peralta

I am at present focusing on weaving, as an extension of my artwork, being fluent in print making and painting which I have pursued all my life equally with weaving. It seems quite natural then for me to express myself in this way. Of course my Parents have been a huge influence on my work, growing up under the loom, working along side them from early childhood, so weaving is part of my life, a way of life.
I tend to balance the woven image with the painted one as one can create very different effects using threads. I am weaving to create shadows as these images represent not only what is seen but also that which is felt. The waves seen in nature, and the waves of emotion!
This body of work was inspired by long hours of sorting yarns in my Father’s workshop during the past three years. Being immersed in the history, and the ever present Master and his colleagues especially Theo Moorman, who was a great influence and taught me not to be afraid to try new things and push boundaries.

Contact Details

Address: Sherra Studio Tunley Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 6LP

Telephone: 01285 760 259