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Jessie James

Jessie James

I make hand tufted rugs based on my fine art practice, printmaking and cross-stich embroideries. Rug making seemed like a natural progression, I have always been drawn to interiors and so making art for the floor seemed right.

I use a tufting gun which is like a large heavy drill connected to a compressor which shoots wool though a backing fabric then cuts it off at the right length. I ‘draw’ my designs in wool with the gun onto the backing fabric. This is a very intuitive process for me, with some of my rugs I take the same approach as you would to an abstract painting.

The wools used are mainly natural fibres and purpose made for carpets so are hardwearing for general daily use. I love colour so choosing the wools is one of my favourite parts of making rugs.

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Telephone: 07929673747


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