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Joseph Fuller

Joseph Fuller

I make wheel-thrown domestic stoneware pottery, in the tradition of studio pottery, following a philosophy that believes in the value of beautiful, well-made, honest and functional wares.

I love making pots to be used everyday, such as mugs, bowls, teapots and jars, as well as statement pieces like bottle vases and large dishes. I am particularly drawn to the effects of layers of ash glazes over handles, edges, ridges and marks in the body of the pot, over and above any elaborate decoration.

After working at Dove St Pottery with David Worsley, in 2016 I took an apprenticeship at Winchcombe Pottery, supported by Lisa Hammond’s Adopt a Potter charity, before being taken on as a full-time potter. I now make my own pots in a small workshop at home, still working in the same philosophy of well-made, functional pottery. I am particularly interested in ash glazes and take inspiration from the long line of stoneware potters who have followed in the Leach tradition.


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