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Nigel Williams

Nigel Williams

I create unique whimsical sculptures, mostly from brass & copper, and usually incorporating ‘found’ objects which have already had a ‘quality’ life elsewhere. My inspiration comes from Heath-Robinson, Rowland Emett, Keith Newstead, and all sorts of other people and situations, but I am driven mostly by a desire to draw attention to the loss of the ability to design and manufacture quality goods from a country which used to be the centre of the industrial universe.

I always try and make people laugh – my work is usually intended to be humorous, with each piece often being associated with a complex fantastical story describing its fictitious origin or ‘purpose’ (although there isn’t always a purpose!), usually (but not always) developed before I start work on the piece. I am content when somebody walks away with a smile on their face after seeing a piece of my work.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01488 608669