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Toff Milway

Toff Milway

I have been a maker of functional pottery since 1968, and have come to realise that I am inspired primarily by the food that goes into the pots!

In my making I use a diversity of techniques that include dipping, pouring and trailing pure clay slips with scraffito and roulette decoration on to a very fine ball clay based body. I really do believe in using very simple materials and allowing the natural process of saltglaze to enhance the work. In recent years, I have been experimenting with three dimensional fish rimmed dishes and as complex as they are to make, I still dream of them being used for food.

I live and work in a beautiful Cotswold stone village of Conderton and the pottery is surrounded by an old orchard that is typical of this area. In spring there is a truly spectacular show of blossom, the summer yields a crop of old varieties of plums, damsons, and greengages and autumn provides pears and apples for food and drink.
With such abundance who could resist making pots for them all.

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Address: Conderton Pottery The Old forge Conderton Nr Tewkesbury Glos GL20 7PP

Telephone: 01386 725387

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