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Uschi Arens Price

Uschi Arens Price

My path to jewellery making evolved from a deep interest in art and crafts. I discovered silversmithing, was amazed by the tools, hammers, saws, drills, files and more and fell in love with the material and process. I enrolled in a silversmithing course at the School of Art and Design in Bristol and learnt the many different techniques for making jewellery.

My favourite techniques are fusing and reticulation, using heat and layers of silver to pattern and shape. To create shapes, I draw flowers and leaves, to learn their details, then search for interesting lines.

I am passionate about texture and colour and use dichroic glass to enhance my patterns. Colours and sparkle seduce me into making flamboyant pieces of jewellery: neckpieces, brooches and cuffs. Each piece is unique and exuberant, and clients say, when worn, empowers them.

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Telephone: 07875696831


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