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In the Maker's Hands - Rhian Wyman

In the Maker's Hands - Rhian Wyman

As part of our recent show Crafts Alive - In the Maker’s Hands at Rodmarton Manor we asked makers to share their favourite tools with us.

Rhian Wyman, a weaver and textile designer based in the Forest of Dean shares her favourite and why it is special to her.

My favourite tool is a shuttle.

I sit the bobbin of thread in the shuttle and push it side to side. This makes the weaving process a lot quicker. The shuttles have super sharp ends which means that from time to time they can fit through tiny gaps in yarn that isn’t spun quite as tight. This usually blows my mind as the size of the shuttle and gap doesn’t look like it could fit.

Find out more about Rhian's practice here

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