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In the Maker's Hands - Sarah Beadsmoore

In the Maker's Hands - Sarah Beadsmoore

As part of our recent show Crafts Alive - In the Maker’s Hands at Rodmarton Manor we asked our makers to share their favourite tools with us.

We asked weaver Sarah Beadsmoore about her favourite and why it is special to her.

My favourite and most important tools for weaving are shuttles.

They come in many different sizes and weights. Some of the shuttles used on the
first mechanised looms were large and very heavy with metal caps and could cause
serious injury if they shot out of the loom and hit the weaver.

weaver Sarah Beadsmoore at her loom

In contrast, I have a favourite shuttle which is light and well balanced in my hand.
It has rollers on the bottom to help it move across the warp. There is a metal spindle
in the centre which holds a paper pirn on which is wound the weft yarn that I am
using for the weaving. The shuttle is thrown between the warp threads from
hand to hand, carrying the yarn and allowing the weaving to grow.

Please find more about Sarah's practice here
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