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close-up of a soldering torch

In the Maker's Hands - Tim Blades

As part of our recent show Crafts Alive - In the Maker’s Hands at Rodmarton Manor we asked our makers to share their favourite tools with us.

This week we ask jeweller Tim Blades about his favourite and why it is special to him.

This is my mouth-blown soldering torch.

I have had it my whole career. It is extremely controllable and can solder tiny spots or large areas.

I bought it back in 1976 in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham in a shop called Suttons, which no longer exists. It was recommended in one of the two jewellery books I could find at the time that I understood.

They take a bit of time to learn to use, but once you have got the hang of using them you can change the size and heat of the flame with the hand holding it. I have a couple of spares now just in case it gets broken.

jeweller at work

You can read more about Tim here

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