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Photosynthesis at Museum in the Park, Stroud

Photosynthesis at Museum in the Park, Stroud

This summer zero-waste ceramic artist Cleo Mussi and organic flower farmer Fiona Haser Bizony present Photosynthesis, a multi-media botanical exhibition of new work at Museum in the Park, Stroud.

Cleo will be presenting a selection of new pieces made specifically for this collaboration. She has created a life size figure for each quarter, along with a series of twelve moons to represent each month. She has also conceived a series of her trademark hands holding flowers, fungi, mosses, seed heads and slime moulds.

mosaic by Cleo Mussi

It promises to be a visual feast, as these two artists present a collection of work to inspire and stimulate the viewer to consider how we perceive the natural world.

There will be a program of workshops and presentations to accompany the exhibition.

Museum in the Park, Stroud

Saturday 20th July - Sunday 1st September

Please find more information here

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