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Maker in Focus – Corynna Jeudwine

Maker in Focus – Corynna Jeudwine

Corynna Jeudwine is a new member of The Gloucestershire Guild and works with textiles. She uses mainly silk and linen thread for stitching and particularly likes the juxtaposition of the matt and silky texture.  Corynna also machine stitches on hand made paper which is an exciting new venture.

What drew you to textiles?

My interest in textiles started at a very early age when my mother bought me a canvas work kit with the wools to go with it and set me the task of making a cushion.  This was "painting by numbers” and I was hooked.  I don’t think my efforts were particularly good or that I stuck to the pattern but it started a lifelong love of working on a grid.

What inspires your designs?

I get inspiration from the world around me particularly ethnic sources and am always on the look out for interesting patterns.  At the moment I am looking at the work of a weaver who set herself a challenge of ‘a square a day’.  This has proved an interesting jumping off point for me - not that I am doing a square a day!

How do you decide on what colours to use?

I love colour, particularly tertiary colours and one of the reasons I like working with silk is that it changes colour depending on the angle you look at it.  I like to use subtle colours together with a pop of interest either in a complete change of colour or contrast of thread.

What are your favourite textiles techniques to use?

I love working on a grid.  I am not someone who can do wonderful free embroidery, I have to have a structure to work on.  This means that my work is controlled and ordered but its amazing the different effects you can get and I like the rhythm of it.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am stitching on paper which is a complete departure for me and something I am very excited about. It gives me a bit more freedom and I like the medium of paper which I colour and assemble myself.

What is your newest make?

I suppose my newest work would be paper based although I do hand stitching alongside it working on both things at the same time and interchanging them as I feel inspired.

What does being part of The Guild mean to you?

Being part of The Guild is a wonderful opportunity to mix with other artists and exhibit with them. It keeps me on my toes as I try to up my game and produce work fit to show, otherwise it’s only too easy to slip into making the same old thing over again.

Do you have any events or workshops coming up?

I am working towards Open Studios and the guild’s 90th exhibition both in June.

What is on your wish list from The Guild shop?

That’s  easy I have just bought a pair of earrings by Fiona Hesketh.  I love her jewellery and always have a look when I’m in the shop.

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